Feel the relaxing time, heal both your heart and body.


A day in the hotel is an irreplaceable day of life.

Furano Natulux Hotel wish to present you a special time and space of ‘nature’ and ‘Relaxation’ to make the day you spend at our hotel be a fantastically precious day of your life.




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  • Couple
  • Long stay
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Guest Room

The super ream twin which pursued the supremacy which wishes for beautiful nature in Furano from a sofa set of relaxation, the desk distributed comfortably and a window (Supreme).

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The spatial design based on a hotel concept and the fuss which are furniture and equipment from the interior are also possible by long stay for a kitchen's and a washing machine's being equipped the condition well with.

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The important point for travel's traveling the meal excellent in quality which colors a memory. It's possible to be a simple dish using a favor in the earth Hokkaido such as fresh vegetables and meat and enjoy abundance of Furano.

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Space excellent in quality where the atmosphere of both of the nature which made "naturalness and relaxation" a concept and the city which are healed and taste at paradise is possessed at the same time receives a guest into the extraordinary atmosphere gently.

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