Feel the relaxing time,
heal both your heart and body.


Asahiyama Zoo

  • 旭山動物園
  • 旭山動物園
  • 旭山動物園

The zoo is well-known for the active exhibitions which show how the animals be in nature.
It is one of the most famous tourism destination in Hokkaido.
Not only Japanese but tourists from around the world come to visit.

Farm Tomita

  • ファーム冨田
  • ファーム冨田
  • ファーム冨田

One of the oldest lavender farm in Furano which is well-known as a town of lavender.
There are many facillities insite, for example, the museum---‘Hanabito no Ie’,
the only lavender essential oil distillation factory in japan---‘Jouryuu no Ie’ or a perfume shop---‘KouTsui no Ie’.
The popular ‘Lavender soft-served ice-cream’ use natural lavender extract, refreshing you from inside your body.

Furano Ski Field

  • 富良野スキー場
  • 富良野スキー場
  • 富良野スキー場

Furano located on 43°N, in the middle of Hokkaido Island. You can enjoy the powder snow here.
Try riding the 101-seat giant Furano Ropeway to the top of mountain, then you will see the panorama view of Daisetsu mountain range there.
In freezing winter day, the mystical blinking diamond dust can also be seen here.

Ningle Terrace


  • ■ Furano-shi, Naka-Goryo / In New Furano Prince Hotel Area
  • ■ TEL: +81(0)167-22-1111 (New Furano Prince Hotel)
  • ■ 12:00 - 21:00 close on some days in November
    ※business hour subject to seasonal change.
  • ■ 6 Kilometres from JR Furano Station / 1-minute walk from Lavender Bus ‘New Furano Prince Hotel’ bus stop / Taxi cost around 2,140 JPY

"Shopping road inside the forest" produced by ‘Mr. Sou Kuramoto’ . There are log-cabin craft shops, craft ateliers and coffee shops in the forest which is assumed that "The Ningle are living". The ‘Forest candle shop’ appeared in the long TV drama ‘Kita no Kuni kara '98’

Furano Wine House


  • ■ Furano-shi, Kiyomizu-Yama
  • ■ TEL: +81(0)167-23-4155
  • ■ May - Oct: 11:00 - 20:00 (close on 1st and 3rd Monday)
      Nov - Apr: 11:00 - 19:00 (close on every Monday)
      Jul - Aug: 11:00 - 20:00 (everyday)
  • ■ 3.3 Kilometers from JR Furano Station / Taxi cost around 1,200 JPY

You can taste delicious cuisines and wines of Furano while enjoying panorama view of Mt. Tokachi and Furano valley here. Popular menu is ‘Furano style cheese fondue’ which is made from Furano Cheese and other Furano ingredients. The ‘open-air garden’ in the same area serves fresh meat and vetgetables which you can enjoy both barbeque and Hokkaido style Genghis Khan.

Kaze-no-Garden (Garden of wind)


  • ■ 18-minute by bus (Furano-Shi, Naka-Goryou New Furano Prince Hotel)
  • ■ TEL:+81(0)167-22-1111 (New Furano Prince Hotel Picnic Garden)
  • ■ 8:00 - 16:00 (entry until 15:30)
  • ■ Entrance fee Adult 800 JPY / Kid (7y~12y)500 JPY / baby (under 6y) Free
    * Entrance is not accessible by walk. Please use free shuttle bus from New Furano Prince Hotel Picnic Garden.

Prince Hotel Picnic Garden.
The 2.000 Sq.m. british garden is a location of TV drama ‘Kaze no Garden’

Furano Cheese Factory


  • ■ Furano-shi, Nakago-ku
  • ■ TEL: +81(0)167-23-1156
  • ■ Nov - Mar: 9:00 - 16:00 (everyday)
      Apr - Oct: 9:00 - 17:00 (everyday)
  • ■ 3.4 Km. from JR Furano station / accessable by ‘Goryo line’ bus but do not forget to tell the driver before getting on, 10-minute walk from the nearest free-stop. / Taxi cost around 1,200 JPY

Produce and sell many kind of cheeses and butters made from fresh milk, for example, ‘Wine Cheddar’ which is the first Natural Cheese with red wind inside in Japan. It is a popular attraction, which has Ice-milk factory, pizza factory, and homemade workshop factory inside.

Goto Sumio Museum of Art


Located in Kami-Furano, where Mt. Tokachi is beautifully standing. The Japanese artist, Mr. Goto Sumio, is drawn to harsh nature of Hokkaido and establishte his own atelier to collect art material in 1987, then open his own art gallery at the same place in September 1997.

Fukiage-onsen Hot Spring


The outdoor hotspring pool that shown in TV drama ‘Kitano no Kuni kara’. Amazing outdoor hot spring surrounded by forests. It is famous even in Hokkaido, where many outdoor hotsprings surrounded by the great nature are located.

Furano Marche


Furano Marche is a one-stop souvenir shop and food court.
The marche separated into Furano Marche 1 and Furano Marche 2.
There are souvenir shops, farmers market, cafes, restaurants, take-out food stalls, multipurpose indoor hall, outdoor square area, gallery and other local shops.
It is one of the places you should not miss when coming to Furano downtown.

Rokugou Area - The rock house


  • ■ Furano-shi, Rokugou
  • ■ TEL: +81(0)167-29-2323
  • ■ May - Oct: 9:00 - 17:00 (everyday)
      Nov - Apr: Please check available time and date
      *For further information, TEL +81(0)167-29-2323
  • ■ 18.2 Km. from JR Furano Station / get off at the last bus stop of ‘Rokugou line’ and walk about 30 minutes. / Taxi cost around 5,000 JPY

Location of TV drama ‘Kita no Kuni kara’ broadcasted in 1981. There are the little log house, art gallery, restaurant, coffee shop, dotting around the forest in this area. It is the oldest ‘Kita no Kuni Kara’ tourism spot.